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iPod Repair

iPod Touch Glass or Digitizer Repair

At the current time, we only service the 4th Gen iPod Touch, model number A1367 . We have no plans to persue repair repairs of other model iPods.
  • Broken Glass
  • Broken LCD
  • Battery Replacement
  • Broken Head Phone Jack
  • Home Button Replacement

Because the Apple iPod touch is a portable media device, it has the tremendous ability to provide entertainment with everywhere you travel. All of this travel increases the chances for the device to take damage. The Apple iPod touch can be easily dropped, sat on, crushed, or knocked off a car or shelf without much effort. If this happens to your iPod, the entertainment doesn't have to end. Allow us to replace the damaged glass or LCD on your iPod quickly! Even if you don't live in the Akron, Canton, Kent, or even Columbus or Cleveland areas, you can mail your iPod to us for repairs.

Don't risk cutting yourself on broken shards from your iPod glass, or waste hours of frustration to end up with a white s creen, no display, or other potential damages. Bring in your broken or damaged iPod Touch & allow our technicians to do the work for you. All prices listed on the website include both parts & labor!

iPod touch Identification Differences

The simplest way to identify your iPod touch between a 4th Gen & a 3rd Gen model, is by the model number printed in small type on the back of the device.

The iPod touch 4th Gen has model number A1367  on the back & the iPod touch 3rd Gen has model number  A1318 .
  • $75 : Battery will not charge, Battery does not hold charge as long as it did
  • $95 : Glass Replacement : Glass is cracked, scratched, damaged
  • $95 : Digitizer Replacement : Touch does not respond
  • $95 : Home Button Repair : Home Button is not responsive
  • $95 : LCD Replacement : Display is damaged or defective

All prices include parts & labor, the only additional charge is sales tax.

iPod Touch Battery replacement

iPod Battery replacement

iPod Touch Battery Replacement

  • iPod touch battery replacement $75

The iPod touch is a multimedia powerhouse. Because of it's wonderful abilities to play full feature movies, your entire music collection, access the web, & play all kinds of games & Apple Apps, it can eat through battery life encredibly quickly! Apple has rated the iPod touch battery life to offer 40 hours of mucic, or 7 hours of video playback per a single charge. With time, the life of the battery in your Apple iPod touch will diminish.

Unlike other portable devices, such as the Nintendo DS, the battery in the Apple iPod touch is not easily removed. Once the glass is removed, one still needs to remove the battery from the main board, as it is soldered in place. Rather than risk damaging your iPod touch, allow us to replace the battery for you at a flat rate.


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