Introduction to Network Security

Network Security

Introduction to Network Security

An Absolute Beginners Guide to Network Security & Information Systems

Welcome to the absolute begnners guide to network security & information systems. This guide is intended for the absolute beginner. If you are looking for a newbies guide to network security, then you have come to the right place. This tutorial will go over the basics of a Trojan Horse, Internet Worms, Viruses, & Malware, & is designed promote awareness & security.

  • Trojan Horse
  • Internet Worm
  • Viruses
  • Malware

The Trojan Horse (also know as Backdoors) can be remote administration tools, with the exception of Tron because it is still fairly new, are detected by virus software. If you tried sending someone these, their virus software (that comes with the majority of new computers these days) will probably detect them.



Utalizing industry leading web server software, the Apache engine is used to host over 55% of sites on the internet. We have combined Apache with the nginx webserver to deliver non-dynamic content faster as well as offering load & geo-location balacing. Lastly we put all of this behind Cloudflare to not only cache web content, but also defend from DDOS attacks.


Using Cloud-Computing technologies such as AWS, Digital Ocean, & Asterisk improves efficiency, accessibility, & as well as reliability. As the web continues to push advancements, we will be ready to utalize it to offer a better service.
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Using current code frameworks such as jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, & Font Awesome to deliver interactive content to browsers on all the devices we service. Desktop PCs, Laptops, iPads, iPods, & iPhones!